Approved Activity Providers

A list of Approved Activity Providers can be found on the D of E Website.  Some operate purely in the UK while others offer opportunities to do your expedition abroad.  Norry Barber should be consulted if you plan to use an AAP. His contact details are:

Norry Barber
County Co-ordinator for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
The Swattenden Centre
Swattenden Lane, Cranbrook, Kent  TN17 3PS
Telephone:  01580 720564     Mobile: 07740 184065

The following must be adhered to for all Gold expeditions.  

The DofE expedition notification forms for Wild Country (Green form) and for Abroad (Blue form) have been updated on the DofE web site.   These would normally be for Gold expeditions, but also apply to any venture taking place in Wild Country or Abroad at any level.

Individual participants or teams taking part in an expedition or residential opportunity with an AAP must submit all the necessary paperwork as indicated in the Completion Notes by the deadlines indicated, including the online e-Go form if Unit staff accompany the group.

Participants booking independently with an AAP where Unit staff are not involved in the trip must submit the paperwork, but an e-go is not required.

The Licence Agreements that we and the AAPs hold with DofE dictate that not only do we have to meet these deadlines, but in ALL cases the Operating Authority (Licensed Organisation) must approve expeditions according to their Policies and Procedures.  In order to comply with our contract we MUST have the paperwork in place in plenty of time to meet the deadlines.  Therefore, please do not leave this to the last minute.

Please note:

If the paperwork is not submitted as prescribed on the forms, the venture will not be approved.  There will no longer be any scope for retrospective approvals.


A group from Judd organised their training and expedition to Switzerland in 2011, with and AAP called Dynamic Adventures.  They had a fantastic time and recommend the organisation.

Canoeing in Scotland 

A team from Judd arranged training, practice and an assessed expedition  with Abernethy Trust in 2010.

"Organising was simply a case of sending them a few emails and phone calls and they worked with us to organise canoe hire and waterproofing equipment.  Overall it was a great experience as we were very lucky with the weather so had opportunities for showers in wild waterfalls, swims in the lochs as well as exploring ruins on the islands around both lochs, and I would greatly recommend it to anyone wanting to do something a bit different.

They were very efficient, as they organised assessors and supervisors which meant that completing the paperwork was very straightforward.  We did both our expeditions back to back (practice on Loch Tay and qualifying on Loch Awe), this allowed us to save money on travel.  The centre was very accommodating as they allowed us to have a rest day in-between and use their in-house accommodation." Simon

Brecon Beacons with A-Z Expeditions

 I was unable to undertake my expeditions with Tonbridge Gold & so organised my training & practice in the October Half Term & my qualifying expedition in July, (in the east and west parts of the Brecon Beacons respectively), with A - Z Expeditions. They were incredibly organised, helpful, and supportive. I enjoyed being part of an 'open expedition' and making new friends with people I had never met before, from across the country." David - August 2015